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  • Esyse E200P2 WLAN - Profinet, Profibus Communication Board


    Industrial Real-time Ethernet Multiprotocol solution based on SIEMENS ERTE200P Step-1/2

    The ESYSE-E200P2-WLAN is designed for use as or in various types of field devices, fast IO devices, synchronous drives and encoders, highprecision measurement instrumentation, and any other kinds of high-performance and intelligent automation devices.
    Profiles such as PROFIsafe for failsafe communication or PROFIdrive for drive control can be seamlessly integrated.

    Embedded Solutions

    ESYSE has a large number of pre-developed modules based on the ERTEC 200P controller, which differ in design (square, round), size (down to a 30×50 mm miniature version for oper-ation with a host controller), communication, application and connection technology (LAN, USB, WLAN and many more …).
    The design of the modules is so powerful and flexible that they can be completed after a very short development (redesing) time for any defined application. The complete hardware and software design usually takes place within a few weeks. After that, the ready-to-install mod-ules can be used immediately. Upon request, ESYSE supports its customers in the certification process.

    • MPU: ERTEC200P Step-2; Programmable Enhanced Real-Time Controller
    • ROM: SPI-Flash; 8-32 Kilo-Byte
    • RAM: SDRAM (32 Bit Data); 64 Mega-Byte
    • Host Interface: SPI or UART
    • Ethernet (Integrated dual port switch): RJ45 / M12 Connector
    • Serial: RS232 and USB
    • Sensor Interface: SPI (TTL)
    • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
    • Bicolor LEDs for Module and Net status

    • Dimension (LWH): 65 x 55 x 12mm
    • Operating temperature: -45° – 85°
    • Supply Voltage: DC 7-30 Volt
    • PROFINET Certification Version 2.33
    • EtherNet/IP Certification Version CT15

    • PROFINET Version 2.33
    • PROFINET Stack: SIEMENS Version V4.5.1
    • Conformance Class: CCA, CCB and CCC
    • Protocols: RT, IRT, MRP, MPRD- Shared-Device, Fast-Startup, Net-Load Class I, II, and III
    • Min. IO-Cycle Time: 125us
    • Max IO Data size 1440

    • Transport Class: 0,1,2 and 3
    • Objects: Ethernet Link, TCP/IP, Port
    • Additional protocol:
      • ACD: Address Collision Detection
      • DLR: Device Level Ring
      • QoS: Quality of Services
    • Min. IO-Cycle Time 1ms (Implicit messaging)
    • Max. Implicit messaging connections: 5
    • Max. Explicit messaging connection: 10

    • PROFINET PROFIdrive Profile Drive Technology
      • State-Machines: Speed and Positioning
      • Application Class AC1 up to AC6
      • Standard Telegrams: 1-9 and 20
      • PROFIdrive Warning and Fault Buffer handling
      • Life-Sign Monitoring
      • PROFIdrive Single and Multi-Parameter Access
    • PROFINET PROFIdrive Encoder Profile
      • Encoder Class 1, 2, 3 and 4
      • PROFIdrive Position Feedback State-Machine
      • Standard Telegrams: 81,82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89
      • PROFIdrive Warning and Fault Buffer handling
      • Life-Sing Monitoring
      • PROFIdrive Single and Multi-Parameter Access
    • CIP ( Common Industrial Protocol):
      • Drive Technology
      • Encoder Device Profile (Position Sensor Object,…)
      • Generic Device
      • IO,…


    Product overview (PDF | 4,0 MB)

    Order Infos

    ESYSE as Development Partner. Upgrading of an existing automation device (drive, pump, encoder, …) for Ethernet communication, e.g. on PROFINET.

    – Contact: www.esyse.com | order@esyse.com

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