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  • Embedded Systems Engineering

    From design to production

    Embedded systems are now indispensable in industry. ESYSE GmbH plans, designs and develops complete product lines for industrial and automotive applications: including motion control systems, sensor technology and robot control through to HMI and monitoring systems.

    Software and hardware development – from design to production.
    ESYSE GmbH will be the perfect partner for embedded hardware and software engineering.

    ESYSE GmbH provides engineering services to the Embedded Systems market. Our service spectrum covers preparation of requirements and design specifications, project management, Hardware and software development. Based on our technological capabilities and know-how , we offer complete end-to-end designing, development and manufacturing solutions to customers in variety of industries and automotive.

    • Consulting, system design and system specification
    • Embedded system solutions
    • Hardware and software development
    • Communication protocols (Industrial and Automotive: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCat, MODBUS …),
    • Safety relevant hardware and software (according to IEC/EN61508) up to SIL3
    • M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Client/Server solutions
    • Configuration and test tools
    • Production Equipment tools

    Our services provide

    The ESYSE business model

    Hardware and software as well as services to support device manufacturers in automation technology; especially for upgrading existing or new devices for operation with modern communication systems such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ether-Net/IP and many others.
    ESYSE uses embedded systems as a technology combined with high flexibility with regard to the requirements, possibilities and wishes of its business partners.
    The ESYSE offer ranges from simple consulting and the development of modular components to the development and manufacture of complete devices.

    The benefit for device manufacturers

    For the equipment manufacturer, the cooperation with ESYSE results in considerable savings in costs and personnel capacity while at the same time greatly shortening the time to market according to the motto:

    Buy special know-how as well as development and production capacity “for a limited period” and use the resources freed up by this for the original developments.

    Succes history



    PROFINET “SUPER-COMBI” Workshops PROFINET is the open, manufacturer-independent industrial Ethernet standard for manufacturing and process...

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    CATTS – Isothermic core

    YouTube-video: CATTS – Cascade and thermodynamic transport system with PID-controller, fieldbus-integration, certification, etc. by ESYSE.

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    ZERO-water by ZECK

    ZERO-water process pipe heating – Hard- and Software design, PROFINET, etc. by ESYSE. A revolutionary...

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    Piping hot technology

    Hard- and Softwaredesign, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ether-Net/IP etc. by ESYSE. What if chocolate manufacturers could reduce...

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    The CATTS Advantage

    YouTube-video CATTS: PID controller, fieldbus integration, PROFINET, certification, etc. by ESYSE. The National Centre of...

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    CATTS Expert comment

    PID controller, fieldbus integration, PROFINET, certification, etc. by ESYSE. FOOD manufacture: Keith Thornhill, head of...

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    ZECK Unveils CATTS

    ZECK’s CATTS pipe heating system with Hard- and software-design, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ether-Net/IP, certification by ESYSE...

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    From design to production - ESYSE GmbH

    • Partner for embedded Hardware and Software engineering,
    • plans, designs and develops products and solutions for the industrial and automotive market,
    • tight internal workflow allows short delivery times and time-to-market,
    • Target markets are Automotive and Industrial Automation
    • Devices: PLC, Drives, Encoders, Pumps, Valves, Servo Motors, IO-devices, …
    • upgrades existing but also develop new hardware and software,
    • after many years of software business, expanded to own hardware products,
    • typically acts as a “time-limited group” in your development department while your own specialists remain disposable to promote your own projects,
    • modular- Hardware and Software concept allows short development and delivery times,
    • maintains strong partnerships with large, international companies,
    • offers variable services aligned exactly with your requirements,
    • own products benefit from 10 years practical experience,
    • many thousands of software powered devices are in use worldwide,
    • service ranges from the very first project planning up to final device certification and production support; take from exactly what you actually need!
    • is committed to the most common communication technologies such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, ….
    • Many of products have been certified by …
    • helps you to save time and costs for upgrading your devices to meet latest market requirements,
    • will develop your product exactly to the needs of its specific application; this will strengthen your market position.