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  • Esyse E200P2 GATEWAY - Profinet, Profibus Communication Board


    Industrial Real-time Ethernet Multiprotocol solution based on SIEMENS ERTE200P Step-1/2

    The ESYSE-E200P2-GATEWAY is designed for use as or in various types of field devices, fast IO devices, synchronous drives and encoders, highprecision measurement instrumentation, and any other kinds of high-performance and intelligent automation devices.
    Profiles such as PROFIsafe for failsafe communication or PROFIdrive for drive control can be seamlessly integrated.

    Embedded Gateway Solution

    ESYSE offers gateways for the transition from “classic” protocols such as PROFIBUS,
    CANopen, Modbus and others to Ethernet-based systems such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, Ether-CAT and others.
    The gateways are available in different designs and can therefore be easily adapted to the current conditions.

    • MPU: ERTEC200P Step-2; Programmable Enhanced Real-Time Controller
    • ROM: SPI-Flash; 8-32 Kilo-Byte
    • RAM: SDRAM (32 Bit Data); 64 Mega-Byte
    • Host Interface: SPI or UART
    • Ethernet Connection: Dual Port RJ45
    • Sensor Interface: SPI (TTL)
    • PROFIBUS Connector: D-SUB 9-Pin
    • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
    • Bicolor LEDs for Module and Net status

    • Dimension (LWH): 65 x 55 x 12mm
    • Operating temperature: -45° – 85°
    • Supply Voltage: DC 7-30 Volt
    • PROFINET Certification Version 2.33
    • EtherNet/IP Certification Version CT15

    • PROFINET Version 2.33
    • PROFINET Stack: SIEMENS Version V4.5.1
    • Conformance Class: CCA, CCB and CCC
    • Protocols: IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, MODBUS,..
    • Min. IO-Cycle Time: 125us
    • Max IO Data size 1440
    • PROFIBUS: DPV0, DPV1 and DPV2

    • Transport Class: 0,1,2 and 3
    • Objects: Ethernet Link, TCP/IP, Port
    • Additional protocol:
      • ACD: Address Collision Detection
      • DLR: Device Level Ring
      • QoS: Quality of Services
    • Min. IO-Cycle Time 1ms (Implicit messaging)
    • Max. Implicit messaging connections: 5
    • Max. Explicit messaging connection: 10

    • PROFINET PROFIdrive Profile Drive Technology
      • State-Machines: Speed and Positioning
      • Application Class AC1 up to AC6
      • Standard Telegrams: 1-9 and 20
      • PROFIdrive Warning and Fault Buffer handling
      • Life-Sign Monitoring
      • PROFIdrive Single and Multi-Parameter Access
    • PROFINET PROFIdrive Encoder Profile
      • Encoder Class 1, 2, 3 and 4
      • PROFIdrive Position Feedback State-Machine
      • Standard Telegrams: 81,82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89
      • PROFIdrive Warning and Fault Buffer handling
      • Life-Sing Monitoring
      • PROFIdrive Single and Multi-Parameter Access
    • CIP ( Common Industrial Protocol):
      • Drive Technology
      • Encoder Device Profile (Position Sensor Object,…)
      • Generic Device
      • IO,…
    • Application: Gateway, Drive, Encoder, Pump, Valve, IO-Device,…


    Data sheet (PDF | 4,0 MB)
    Product overview (PDF | 4,0 MB)

    Order Infos

    ESYSE as Development Partner. Upgrading of an existing automation device (drive, pump, encoder, …) for Ethernet communication, e.g. on PROFINET.

    – Contact: www.esyse.com | order@esyse.com

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