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    Online 360 Virtual Tours

    We provide Online Virtual Tours services for show casing Shops, Venues, Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants, Schools, Commercial and Residential Properties (Sell / Rent). The virtual tour link can be shared with a single click and viewed in any type of device such as mobile phones, windows PC / MAC ,and also Virtual Reality Goggles.

    360-degree Virtual Tours is conducted by capturing spherical photos using Ricoh Z1 camera. Ricoh Theta is the best-in-class spherical camera taking high dynamic range images (HDR). This can include 360 videos from the premises. There are two types of deliverables as below:

    1- Static Virtual Tour with cost of $700 + GST for properties smaller than 500 sqm. The static tour cost is once-off and there are no running fees to keep the tour live online and sharable link will be permanent. No measurement will be available in static tours.

    2- Dynamic Virtual Tours with cost of $500 + GST for properties smaller than 500 sqm and sharable link would be live online for 3 months. Afterwards, the running fee to keep the tour online will be $20 per months for packages of 3,6,9 and 12 months. The extension fee is charged upfront and wont be refundable. Measurement capability is available in Dynamic virtual tours.

    Note: For larger properties the cost will be increased by $20 + GST per 20 sqm. For example 535 sqm property will cost $740 for static virtual tours and $540 + GST for dynamic virtual tours.

    Email: info@esyse.com
    Phone: +49 (0)2132-9955250